There are several commonly held misperceptions that keep some pet owners from seeking regular veterinary care for their cats.

These myths include:

  • MYTH
  • FACT
  • Cats are more self-sufficient than dogs.
  • Cats require the same amount of attention as dogs. Food, water, a clean litter tray and regular veterinary care are vital factors for feline health.
  • Cats are healthier and experience fewer health problems than dogs.
  • Cats are no more or less healthy than dogs and require annual health checks just as much as dogs do.
  • Health problems come from outside and don’t affect indoor cats.
  • Even cats with no outdoor exposure can still get sick and have health conditions that require attention including dental health, osteoarthritis, chronic kidney disease, weight management and even diabetes and cancer. Parasites such as fleas can also be passed on from other pets.
  • Cats will show signs of being sick just like dogs do.
  • Cats are very adept at hiding the symptoms of poor health. Regular examinations by trained veterinary professionals are the best way to ensure your feline’s health.
  • Veterinary visits are more stressful for cats than dogs.
  • With proper preparation, you can minimise the discomfort of a visit to the veterinary clinic.